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Keira Knightley says she shuns roles in modern-day films because she notes that the female characters are often raped or treated disrespectfully, which is why she chooses to star in more history-based movies.‘I don’t really do films set in the modern-day because the female characters nearly always get raped,’ says the 32-year-old actress.‘I always find something distasteful in the way women are portrayed, whereas I’ve always found very inspiring characters offered to me in historical pieces.’Knightley shot to fame in Pirates Of The Caribbean and went on to star in Pride & Prejudice and The Imitation Game, about the life of Alan Turing, and the Duchess in which she played the 18th-century aristocrat Georgiana Cavendish, the Duchess of Devonshire.Her next film is historical drama Colette, based on the French novelist of the same name.I think I probably should have.‘My approach has been not to ask because I would have been really angry, which is stupid.‘I’ve been putting my head in the sand, I’m afraid.’Perhaps Keira should sign the BBC’s Carrie Gracie as her new agent.Keira Knightley was sure to wrap herself and her young family up for an afternoon at the park in London this weekend.Sex scenes in films - I'm quite rigorous about what gets exposed. "I don't mind exposing my tits because they're so small - people really aren't that interested. You can say, 'No', 'Yes', 'No'."Knightley, who was photographed topless by Mario Testino for the magazine, recently got engaged to James Righton, the Klaxons keyboard player.The actress said that she had no idea how she will handle the publicity when they decide to wed, adding: "Maybe I'll be permanently engaged."She said that she and her fiance are "total opposites" because she "knows nothing about" music.The actress, 32, stepped out with her husband of five years James Righton, 34, and their two-year-old daughter Edie for some quality time on the swings and slides at the park.Keira looked casual and natural in a taupe-coloured coat with fur lining and buttons on the front.

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‘I’m suddenly being sent scripts with present-day women who aren’t raped in the first five pages and aren’t simply there to be the loving girlfriend or wife.’Knightley, who is married to musician James Righton, formerly of the Klaxons, admits she’s missed out on earning big money in Hollywood by not being pushy enough.‘For the first time recently I got paid a little bit more than my male co-stars,’ she says.‘I haven’t tried to push back on it much.

That led to film work that would cement her place in mega-babedom: the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, Love Actually, King Arthur and an Academy Award-nominated showing in Pride and Prejudice (Rosamund Pike, Jena Malone).

(It was on the Pride set where she hooked up with current beau Ewald Bundervoet.

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