Who is matt taibbi dating

Knowing what I do about his management style I'm leaning towards the latter.

But I emailed you because I actually want to understand what's going on. And I replied again...] [Redacted.] If I waited for Pierre and his staffers to respond to questions I’d never publish a thing about First Look.

For that reason, I think Omidyar’s announcement yesterday should be terrifying to you, and to anyone else who works at FLM.

He’s lost his nerve — for a combination of reasons — and is retreating to something he understands: Technology and platforms. I honestly can’t tell if you’re being a team player, or if you believe any of this crap.

[Redacted] I’ve told you what I believe, but I’ll humor you — and your enjoyment at playing PR flack — by saying it again, this time line by line… Here’s what I said "No, of course I don't think he took you aside and ordered you not to cover his friends.

So, no, I don’t [believe] something you just made up.I’ve laid out my position, clearly and honestly, and asked follow up questions.You won’t actually address any of my points — you just keep lobbing back straw men and not engaging with what I’m saying.I’ve given PO 48hrs to respond before, and still got nothing.I’m sure you’ve always held stories indefinitely until you receive a response?

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