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A new report that claims Drake is “thinking of hooking up” with Nicki Minaj is completely made-up.

The fabricated article comes from a site that has been repeatedly caught manufacturing provably wrong stories about him. According to the fiction factory alternately known as Hollywood Life and Hollywood Lies, Drake is considering getting back together with Minaj.

Minaj has her eyes closed as she rests against his chest.

Nicki Minaj faces backlash for video filmed on Westminster Bridge "Only KINGS recognize QUEENS," she wrote in the caption. congrats @nas." Nas re-posted the image on his account, adding the words: "Straight Outta Queens!

Of course, Hollywood Life tends to traffic in nonsense and the occasional fake news story, particularly when it comes to Drake and his dating habits.

In the past, Gossip Cop has busted the untrustworthy outlet when it wrongly maintained in a series of stories that .

"No PDA, but they looked like a couple." Minaj split from Meek Mill last year.

When 'sh ETHER' was taken off the airwaves, rumors abounded that Nas was angry Remy Ma hadn't ask permission to use his 'ETHER' beat.TMZ reports that the relationship came to a close amicably, but that the rap superstars will not be hanging out as friends.Nevertheless, the two are still following each other on Instagram as of press time.It should be noted that while the blog contends “Drake is thinking of hooking up with her again,” they never actually dated in the first place.Also worth mentioning, the claim is being made by the same site that 48 hours earlier falsely reported Minaj was pregnant with Nas’ baby.

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