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- Added "Preview" button to all exports, which displays the exported data in the default browser - Updated Rounds spreadsheet mode so cursor left & right move between fields - Updated Import Players Wizard for clarity - Added buttons to Dashboard for Bust-out, Rebuy, Add-on, Add Players, and New Player - Lots of other tweaks and improvements ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - (Windows): KB4022719 causes blank pages to print. - (3.2): Undo rebuy, tournament history has placeholder "" - (3.3): Import Players dialog could resize in unexpected ways - (3.0): Suggest rounds dialog sometimes suggests no rounds - (2.0): Chop dialog computations could be incorrect when using Chip Counts method - (?

(fixed in 3.0 patch 19, 3.1 patch 8, 3.1.1 patch 8, 3.2 patch 5, and 3.2.1 patch 5).

- Allow Data Stores list to be sortable - Updated startup code to rename (and thus preserve) preferences file if it is corrupt - Added an option to the launcher that allows for concurrent instances to run - Added built-in hotkey Ctrl Alt Shift F12 that recenters all open dialogs onto the main display and changes the extended display preference so that all dialogs will now open on the main display (helpful when using the software after having your PC connected to an additional display and dialogs are opening off-screen) - Added "Move to Extended Display", "Move and Size to Extended Display", and "Move to Main Display" buttons to the dashboard - Added "Hide mini-clock" context menu option to all mini-clocks - Added ability to have different templates for receipts for each transaction type (buy-in, rebuy, etc) - Added ) tokens to receipts - Updated Simple mode bust-out and undo bust-out features to prompt for the number of players (instead of defaulting to a single bust-out or undo) - Added "Jump to" select on Controls tab to be able to jump to any level - Added "Set All" to set all duration times for Screen Transitions - Modified to allow specifying of fonts and colors ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Bugs Fixed: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - BUG (3.2): Holding Shift while clicking checkboxes on player dialogs checks all players between clicked checkbox and last clicked checkbox, but was also checking players not visible - BUG (3.2): Tournament History for undoing a buy-in with a bounty chip displayed "-1" instead of the bounty chip cost - BUG (3.2): Can't load tournaments saved with version 1.x - BUG (3.2): The Test Formula for Range dialog should not have a value in the "Difference" column of final row - BUG (3.1): Player paging on Players, Database, and Stats tab can be incorrect (appear as if players are missing) with large numbers of players - BUG (2.x): Importing players on Players tab doesn't set 'tournament modified' flag - BUG (3.0): Column headers on Rounds, Prizes, Events, Chips, and Hotkey tabs don't reload on language change - BUG (3.2): Tournaments Information dialog (on the Stats tab) sorts incorrectly - BUG (3.2): Import of players doesn't import ID column (fixed in 3.2 patch 4 and 3.2.1 patch 3) - BUG (2.3): Error occurs when a rake is selected for Single Field view mode on the Stats tab - BUG (3.2): Underline not supported for Status column on Players tab - BUG (3.2): Error occurs on built-in screens on some layouts saved with older versions of the software - BUG (3.2): The layout token should not round values (fixed in 3.2 patch 3 and 3.2.1 patch 3) - BUG (3.2.1): An error can occur when the Help Dialog is opened (fixed in 3.2.1 patch 2) - BUG (3.2): Buy-ins, rebuys, and add-ons cannot use negative Points values (fixed in 3.2 patch 2 and 3.2.1 patch 1) - BUG (3.0): A change to the layout doesn't set the 'tournament modified' flag when the preference to save layouts with tournaments is enabled - BUG (2.0): Buying a player in automatically sets his/her chip count to the number of chips received at buy-in instead of adding to his/her current chip count, when the "Automatically update players' chip counts" preference is enabled.

This rendered the import of Chip Count (added in 3.2) useless since the subsequent buy-in wiped out the imported Chip Count.

Even if the confirmation is canceled, the player is unseated.

- Stats Genie export uses 0 and 1, but should use 0 and -1 - (3.2): Cheat Sheet button on Token Builder dialog closes the dialog - (3.2): Error when renaming a cell and the name of an existing cell is chosen - (3.3): Moving back and forth between Add Players and New Player adds "OK, repeat" buttons - (3.0): Pressing "List" on the Random Player dialog doesn't respect changes to criteria unless "Check" is pressed first - (3.2): League membership isn't shown when editing a player on the Players tab - (3.0): Last Modified(...) error in several places - (3.3): "Invalid seat number" error when importing players even when option to seat players not bought-in to the tournament is disabled - (2.0): Chip adjustment accepts negative amounts but becomes positive upon reloading a tournament - (2.0): When dragging items in the Settings window, ESC key should cancel drag, not close Settings window - (3.0): Copying a banner creates another banner with the same name - (3.2): "Clear" buttons missing from Config Files dialog - (3.2): On New Tournament dialog, if 2nd option is the last one selected, then the default tournament is cleared on the Config Files dialog - (3.3): Error on Last Table Balance dialog if a player listed has since been removed from the tournament - (3.2): Issues on Quick Start Wizard - (3.3): Salesperson selection missing from Add-on and Undo Add-on dialogs in Simple mode - (3.2): "Save" button doesn't enable upon loading a tournament - (3.3): Default order is incorrect on Arrange sections dialog of Controls tab - (3.3): Shift-click broken on players dialogs of Stats Profile dialog (used for league and season selection) - (IE): In IE10 , select lists don't update properly, leaving previously selected items still highlighted - (3.3): Some rows listed on same row in Clear Tables dialog - (2.0): Import Players Wizard limits columns to 30 (changed to 100) - (3.3): Error when exporting tournament with no players in it (fixed in 3.3 patch 1) - (3.3): Error on Data Stores dialog (fixed in 3.3 patch 1) - (3.3): Preference "Continue where I left off" does not load last loaded tournament (fixed in 3.3 patch 1) - (3.0): Chip values aren't abbreviated on the Dashboard - (2.5): 'Element(...)' error is various places - (3.2): Overall Scores formula (Stats) variable "top Ten Counts" is implemented as "list Top Ten Counts" - (3.2): token should not round values Version 3.3 ====================================================================== New Features: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- - The Tournament Director and The Hendon Mob ( are now partners!

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