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The court heard the victim had passed out on the footpath when another taxi drove past and tried to rouse her, driving off when he couldn't.

Ali then drove past and also tried to rouse her before assaulting her for about 11 minutes.

A spokesman for the Minister said the Department of Immigration and Border Protection was aware of the matter.The victim, who was aware of the assault but could not fend Ali off, was later assisted by a good Samaritan.Sentenced in 2013, to 3 months jail - sentence suspended for 12 months..The maximum sentence for possessing child pornography is five years jail.Sentenced in Geelong Magistrates Court in Feb 2011 to a 22-month community-based order and must complete a sex offenders program (for committing an indecent act with the child under 16 yrs.) Sentenced to 12 mths jail - suspended for 2 yrs (for the child pornography offences).

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