Workstation dns not updating

Last month, we announced the work we have been doing to create the next generation of Azure Io T Suite preconfigured solutions.It is our pleasure to announce that you can now deploy the updated version of the Remote Monitoring solution from Azure Io and your development CLI.

Check that the Active Directory is functioning properly and repeat enumeration of the zone.

Found some things: My problem was an old entry in _msdcs under my domain (an old DNS server was configured).

Once I removed that the problem was gone And some other on:

The extended error debug information (which may be empty) is "". For more information, see Help and Support Center at Go to the command prompt and type these two commands: DCdiag /test: DNS and IPconfig /all You are having a problem with DNS records, or Netbios resolution.

In either case the server can't find itself because it can not resolve a routed protocol.

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