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Activities now award six times as many Wakening Essences as before, and you can also continue to come to Vridiel to upgrade the Legion legendary items you already have for the cost of 300 Wakening Essences. camera is now easier to obtain, and it has new background filters.

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Dungeons hidden all over the world pit those who’d enter them against the most vicious creatures and villains in Azeroth.September 7 - The first in-game events leading up into the Cataclysm expansion begin, with Operation: Gnomeregan ( Alliance) and Zalazane's Fall ( Horde).October 4 - Cataclysm release date announced to be December 7, 2010 March 20 - Mists of Pandaria closed beta announced.Note: For a list of compatible video hardware, see our Supported Video Cards list.BLZBNTTAS00000002 Can't log into Blizzard website or get online when logging with the Blizzard desktop app.

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