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For transactions other than "Bill Sender," "Bill Recipient" or "Bill Third Party," you must pay by cash (not accepted at all Fed Ex locations), check, money order or credit card. For "Bill Sender" and "Bill Third Party" transactions, packages will not be accepted unless you provide a valid Fed Ex account number.For "Bill Recipient" transactions, packages can be tendered without payment, but in order for the package to be delivered, the recipient must provide a valid Fed Ex account number or pay with cash, check or money order at time of delivery."Proof of delivery" means electronically captured delivery information, which may include date, time, location and signature information.

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"Customer," "sender" or "shipper" means the person whose name is listed on the airbill as the sender."Service failure" means delivery of your package 60 seconds or more after our published delivery commitment for the Fed Ex service for that package, except as otherwise described in these terms and conditions."Ship date" or "shipment date" is the date the shipment is tendered to Fed Ex.Originals must be used (photocopies are not accepted)."Billable weight" and "chargeable weight" mean the weight used to calculate the rate.

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