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They have been dating for years and got married on September 2011, at Seoul’s Silla Hotel.I can't wait to share this couple's wedding-themed photo spread for Bazaar’s November issue 2011, where they rocked a modern look with fashion-forward wedding-wear.Actress Kim Hyo-jin posted the photo on her personal Instagram on February 3rd.The photo was captioned "We went to the opening of Musee Neuf and are having a date first time in a while".

The last scene they had together, I saw the chemistry and how he was fascinated by her. I don’t even have an Instagram, therefore I cannot follow k-celebrities and get updates on their whereabouts unless they connect their account to their Twitter…And even then, it’s not guaranteed that I would actually click on the link.Anyway, as you should know, I “ship” real-life married couples. Because sometimes, it feels nice to see a happy family that reminds you that you might find love one day too (even if you really doubt it).So my top 3 couples are Yoon Mirae-Tiger JK, Sean and Jung Hye Young and since “Healer”, I added Yoo Ji Tae – Kim Hyo Jin to my list. Because Yoo Ji Tae is sooo adorkable and his love story with his wife sound such like a cool drama like… You just take the next flight to New York because she agreed to date you but she wasn’t in Korea at that time?

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